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Good Food in Bukit Timah near upcoming Perfect Ten Condo – Singapore

The Chicken House takes pride in their Kampung (raised birds), which impart a robust flavor to soup, rice, and meat. The Chicken House’s Kampong chicken rice is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Singapore, and the use of Kampong chicken (tender, lean, juicier flesh with wafer-thin skin) is cause for outrage. To sample their specialty, order Kampung Chicken Rice (s) ($6.50).

Korean Food

Kim’s Family Food is a Korean restaurant known for its hearty portions of beef, enoki mushrooms, and glass noodles. A contemporary restaurant where you can get your taste of butter chicken curry and prata for $6-8.

This restaurant, which has the most complete student menu of any on my menu, never ceases to impress me with its affordable costs and generous portions.

Restaurants in Bukit Timah are a mini-gourmet paradise if you have enough time to explore the area and sample the area’s diverse cuisine. Here is a selection of the greatest restaurants in the neighborhood.

These great food are near to the upcoming Perfect Ten condo. They offer an ideal atmosphere, delectable food, and friendly service. Da Luca Italian Restaurant is an excellent location to sample some of the finest and most delectable Italian cuisine available in Singapore.

Bukit Timah is home to numerous schools and stylish residences and is located in the westernmost portion of Singapore’s central district. There is plenty to see and do, including hiking, wildlife viewing, treetop trails on multiple sides, and amazing restaurants in Bukit Timah that provide the ultimate eating experience.

Choupinette, Meat n Chill, and Bukit Timahs Market & Food Center are the greatest eateries in the region.

This tiny restaurant is located in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, and the restaurant’s air-conditioned dining room provides a welcome respite from the noon heat. The best selection of restaurants is concentrated along Greenwood Avenue in the Watten Estate neighborhood.

These two exquisite restaurants are located in the BUKIT TIMAH Nature Reserve, adjacent to the Temasek Club and Place Mindef Officers. Both are freely accessible to the public.

Super Good Western Food

The Riders Cafe in Bukit Timah delivers delectable modern comfort food in a casual, easygoing atmosphere reminiscent of the old world. It’s the ideal spot to gather with friends and family over hearty meat meals and a refreshing glass of your favorite beverage.

With all the city’s rush and bustle, the very least you can do is dine at the Riders Cafe, which features breathtaking views in a tranquil location adjacent to the BUKIT TIMAH Saddle Club.

As the name implies, the restaurant serves a variety of cuts of meat in the shape of ribs, grilled steaks, and so on. This Cluny Court eatery specializes in succulent and delectable burgers. Their rolls are light and airy, and their pies are delicious and fragrant.

When friends ask me what I enjoy most about Bukit Timah, my mind immediately goes to the Al Azhar cuisine, which is one of the greatest in the city. Kim’s Family Food is a famous Korean restaurant known for its free flow of Ban Chan and side dishes.

Here is a list of 20 eateries on Holland Road near Perfect Ten at Bukit Timah that you should know about before embarking on an emotional stability journey.

Apart from the fact that Kim’s Family Food supplements are complimentary and refillable, Kim’s Family Food’s Korean cuisine will require even more of you. Each restaurant in the Kim Family Food chain delivers an authentic Korean cuisine.

This quaint café, which established in 2002, emulates the charming design of European cafes and provides never-ending eggs and brunch.

The café, which is famed for its patbingsu, has a name: Vickys Cake, and you should swing by for one of the numerous delicious goodies on offer. Rise & Grind Coffee Co. is well-known for its brunch fare, with a breakfast and brunch menu beginning at 3 p.m.

Great Croissants

Choupinette Making is a French café serving delectable croissants and perfect cups of coffee. This family-friendly French restaurant in a quiet central location has been remodeled and features a welcoming environment.

The Bukit Timah Market Food Centre features a well-maintained dining area where you may bring your selection of food from one of the vendors to enjoy with your friends.

Valentino, in our opinion, is the best Italian restaurant in Bukit Timah. Desserts and playtime are two of the children’s favorite terms, and nothing comes to mind when it comes to what coffee shops and children’s cafés in Bukit Timah provide.

One is obsessed with desserts and the other will not take anything less than magnificent, but a chance meeting with Acqua e Farina co-owners, Chef Roberto and Chef Antonio, has resulted in the establishment of an incredible Italian restaurant in BukitTimah.

The Fratini de la Trattoria is an Omakase-style Italian restaurant where the chef creates dishes based on the day’s available ingredients. We believe it is one of the most hospitable eateries we have ever encountered. Bright Pink Mookalicious is located beside Kampong Chicken and Rice Chicken House, the estate’s only Mookata vendor.

We begin at the bottom of Bukit Timah Road, near the Botanical Gardens, and work our way up to the restaurants at the top. The farmer’s market on one side and the restaurant La Trattoria on the other demonstrates that pricing should be the least of your concerns when dining in BUKIT TIMAH.

This white structure, which used to be a garage for the old University of Singapore, is now home to two restaurants: Botanico and Bee Knee.

Al Azhar Restaurant retains its allure with a delectable multicolored menu served in an open-air dining room. This is the spot to go if you’re seeking for a variety of burgers and pizzas.

This renovated Phoenix Park restaurant provides burgers, fish & chips, pasta, and ribs in a Western-style. This is one of the fast food restaurants in the West Asian fusion style that specializes in fried chicken and waffles.

Perfect Ten Condo

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